thoughts of an introspective party girl


Posted by missemmamm on January 8, 2010


If you are planning on getting hammered (at home with friends) or out (you have a DD) and didn’t get a chance to eat dinner, skip it. You will get drunk faster. Plus you know you’re gonna be hungry later and hit Taco Bell or make Mac & Cheese anyway.

Always pregame except when it’s unlimited or $1 bottles &/or rail.

Karaoke at dive bars is free entertainment (even if you can’t/won’t sing). Cheer at the conclusion of a song, especially when they are tone deaf.

Hip hop clubs and rap shows are often more fun than others (which may be a crap shoot). You can always laugh and dance badly to “Low” or “Hot In Herre” while “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is hit or miss.

Wasps and yuppies are annoying but sometimes they will buy you drinks.

If you are attending an all day music festival stay hydrated (even if some of the time it’s by vodka or Smirnoff).

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