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Posted by missemmamm on January 10, 2010



If you’re an adult and have realized that your prescription no longer changes only buy glasses when they are scratched.

An optometrist’s assistant once told me (knowing our financial situation) that 1 month contacts actually will last 2 months. The quality of these seems to be going downhill recently though. A prescription is good for 1 year. Buy 2 boxes at the time of your exam.

Prior to the prescription lapsing buy 2 more boxes. Now you don’t have to get re-examined for another year.

Carry your contact case on you in case you end up stuck somewhere. If you forgot it, 2 small pill bottles and a little water will work in a pinch.


If you are a dental hygienist, please stop trying to have a conversation with me, I can’t TALK while you have your hands in my mouth and there is saliva running down my chin!


When I was growing up antibiotics were given out like candy for every ailment. Now you can drag yourself to the doctor’s office (amidst all of the other zombies) whilst dripping from every orifice and leave with a prescription for overpriced cough syrup. Instead buy cough syrup (with alcohol) and some decongestant pills, tissues and cola &/or juice and go to bed.

If you are ever curious about what your GP is really like & they leave your chart out, look at it. The doctor that I was with for years left it laying out once. I read it & it was full of derogatory comments about me. Like when I was in elementary school and they told me I had high cholesterol, they made a mark next to it that said “We doubt patient will change eating habits” or something to that affect. Nice way to talk about a little kid. What’s really ridiculous in retrospect is that I didn’t eat an egg for a fucking year after they told me that & they had doubted me! Plus they put other stuff like “denies smoking” when I don’t smoke. WTF? I didn’t go back after that.

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