thoughts of an introspective party girl


Posted by missemmamm on January 14, 2010

Money, Money, Money


The lower to the ground something is (usually) the cheaper it is.

Don’t set up earlier than 4AM or later than 9AM.

Avoid setting up at the ends of aisles. The middle is best. Even one space over from the end is better.


Potted meat tastes better than Spam.

Always request extra ketchup or taco sauce.


When buying anything online always do an internet search to find out if their is a free or reduced shipping code available (there usually is).

Don’t buy dog snacks at a Pet Store or Kmart. Target has a big variety at decent prices. Sometimes closeout stores like It’s A Buck or Big Lots have good buys on specialty items. Sometimes they are old though so inspect them first to make sure they aren’t dried out.

New plastic hampers work as bathroom garbage pails and vice versa.

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