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Posted by missemmamm on January 16, 2010

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Carrie's Stoop on Sex and the City in Greenwich Village

Carrie's Stoop on Sex and the City in Greenwich Village


People are horny and want to get laid. Just because they fuck you at the time doesn’t mean you’re special.

New Yorkers will give you directions.

If you cry they might give you a break on your computer repair bill.

Arguing is pointless.

Tipping is not just a city in China.

If someone collects something, don’t fuck with it.

Tell a celebrity what you enjoyed about their work. Don’t just tell them they’re hot, they already know that.


Don’t give little kids gum or suckers.

Don’t start answering “Why” questions for children or they will never stop. Also if you start playing with them be prepared to do that all day without ceasing.

ON LIFE (Random)

Most dogs/bugs do not want to bite you.

Learn when the liquor store and pizza places open/close. Save yourself time and stop asking me, I can’t magically make them open later.

Always bring enough change to the laundromat or be screwed as you wear damp scratchy clothing.

One day you will realize that you are literally crying over spilled milk. You will laugh, hard.

If things are really bad and you’re even a little tired, go to bed.

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