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Radical Self Love

Posted by missemmamm on February 11, 2010








You can view the slideshow here


One of my favorite bloggers gala darling has declared February Radical Self Love month. I was a bit down the other day and decided to read many of the Radical Self posts that gala had linked to and noticed that sometimes people posted photos that made them happy. So I thought “what types of photos would make me happy?” and did a Google image search for puppies. It might sound silly. You might think, what’s the big deal? I love dogs but I don’t normally seek them out (aside from playing with my own dog) because of my past. I wanted to be a vet tech but that didn’t work out and I’ve been very bummed about it. A friend recently suggested to me that maybe I could become a groomer instead. Maybe I’ll look into that later on but the point is that I’m trying to not put myself down for my shortcomings. I also made the above Seth Rogen collage last because making collages is a fun hobby I enjoy that that I always end up putting off. I would also like to get back into doing yoga regularly.


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