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Lovin’ Lime Crime

Posted by missemmamm on May 13, 2010

from Doe Deere’s A Field of Dandelions Shoot

In the early 2000’s I decided to look for some fun clothes on eBay and ran across the Little Big Girl group of DIY designers. I loved their clothes. One of my favorites was Lime Crime. Through eBay I learned about her LiveJournal where she showcased her edgy looks. Xenia is a daring woman who isn’t afraid to go after her dreams. I was always outbid on eBay and only owned one piece of clothing made by her. I wore it to see KISS and later to see the KISS cover band Love Gun. At the time I was trying to break free of the closed minded people in my town and she definitely showed me that you could be bold if you wanted to.

Don't you just love the pink wall in Macs bathroom?

What was really cool was she didn’t feel stifled to stick to one creative medium. Over the years she’s accomplished many things including her clothing line, music, modeling, blogging and now her highly successful makeup brand. Through it all she never let herself get slowed down by naysayers. Xenia is super nice, supportive and understanding to her fans.

I currently only one of her lipsticks No She Didn’t because I’m frequently broke and more of an impulse department store instead of online makeup shopper but I definitely want to buy a few more. The line is full of beautiful bold colors.

You have to check out her awesome blog, Doe Deere Blogazine. My favorite posts of hers are Style Diary and Makeup Tutorials but basically anything she writes is bound to inspire you.

Bonus: Follow Lime Crime on twitter


One Response to “Lovin’ Lime Crime”

  1. Doe Deere said

    Just wanted to thank you for your kind words. You are very sweet, and beautiful to boot! ❤

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