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Lusts N Musts Summer 2010

Posted by missemmamm on June 17, 2010

Lusts N Musts Summer 2010Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Lusts N Musts Summer 2010 by MissEmmaMM featuring Forever21 clothing

These are the things that I am loving this summer. As you can see some of them were popular in the fashion world a year or 2 before and as mentioned in The Devil Wears Prada they are just now trickling down to us regular folks. I’m getting back into my more daring mode after feeling like I’ve been losing my spark in graphic tees and jeans.

Some of these things are 90s revivals. I was ambivalent when 80s and 90s fashion started to make a come back a year or so ago. I finally knew how adults felt when, as Junior High students, we decided to try out the 70s styles for fun. Back then most people felt that if they were around for a trend the first time then it was off limits this time. So at first I hated that everyone had on leggings and what not. Then I realized that I could rewear everything that I loved and try to get the stuff that I flunked at right this time.

Harem/Hammer/Parachute/Genie Pants

When I first heard these were making a comeback I just laughed. Then I started seeing a bunch of cool bloggers try them out and they were working. They seem to ignore the elephant in the room though. We do know these are Hammer pants, right? Yes, I did own Hammer pants in the 90s. I didn’t want them but it was like a requirement. I only wore then at home. They were rayon and had those 90s prints on them. Every time I see a pair in a thrift store I flinch and giggle. I can still do the Hammer dance. Knowing all of this I want a pair. I want a pair in black cotton. To embrace the full ridiculousness of the trend I plan on getting a pair with the front open to hint at the genie style.

Slouch Dresses
I recently bought one of these on a whim. I fell totally in love with in. I didn’t think it would work on someone who isn’t skinny but I was wrong. Both the dressy and casual styles are fantastic. If I see a cotton one that might flatter me then I may pick it up but I’m set for the dressy one.

Boho/Batik Dresses
These have been around forever. I never really dug them before. For some reason I’ve been eyeing them lately though. Unfortunately I keep seeing them for sale on Gilt.com and similar sites but the style I like is always sold out. If I can find a style that I like and find flattering I will be rocking it on the cooler days and evenings this summer.

Crop Tops
“Yeah, it’s under your tutelage she’s exploring the challenging world of bare midriffs.”-Clueless

I will not be wearing a crop top. However if you are in shape or slim and have a waist I think you should. I did wear them in that really lame ‘my crop top meets the top of my shorts way’ when I was 11. I don’t recommend this. If I were styling someone I would put them in a pair of high waisted skinny jeans or pants with just an inch or two of skin between the top of the pant and the tee.



from left: velour romper (also had it in black) with floral mood ring necklace, plaid romper, my sister in a crop top and fanny pack (oh yes)-Circa 1997

I lived in rompers when I was in junior high. I used to opt for the cotton ones with full legs because they were flattering. The rayon rompers are often unflattering because they lack structure. I recently snagged a Miley Cyrus and Max Azria romper on sale at Walmart for $6. I initially passed on even trying them on when they were close to $20. On sale though I’m willing to experiment. I haven’t found any structured rompers that work for me yet but I have no waist and smaller hips so that’s probably to be expected. This is a style you will probably want to try on in the store. FYI: Not everyone is so thrilled about this one. I mentioned this to my lil sis and she said “I stopped feeling sympathy when I heard the word romper”.

Gladiator Heels

These were pretty popular a couple of years ago. I was so not into them. Now I have my eyes on the ones that are full of studs and buckles. I’m not positive what I will be wearing these with when I pick up a pair. I just know they are necessary. I still don’t like the sandal version.

Ruched Skirts
I’ve been seeing a lot of these around lately and they really draw the eye because it’s not something you see every day.

Bodycon/Bandage Dresses
I think that these are fantastic. If I was a person with money I would opt for one from Herve Leger. I lucked out while I was shopping a sale at Rue 21 recently and found a kick ass bodycon skirt so I’m good.

Black V-Neck Dress
You probably know this as the Carrie dress but in white. I’ve tried to find one in stores but have had no luck so I guess I’ll have to pick one up online. This disappoints me because with something like this it’s about the fit.

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