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Weekend in Underland/Ireland

Posted by missemmamm on March 15, 2010

Unlike usual I actually did a few fun things earlier this month (03/05 & 03/06). I was originally gonna do one or more photo makeup tutorials but being completely inexperienced with that I found that I took the close pics at weird angles & bad lighting (thanks stupid bathroom) and I was in a hurry. So I’ve scrapped that in favor of making fashion & beauty polyvores.

I saw Time Burton’s Alice In Wonderland on opening day. I’d been anticipating it since I saw the trailer last summer and didn’t want it to get spoiled for me. I had already started receiving questions from ISs on ChaCha the night before because it opened at midnight in big cities. This is a hick town so I didn’t want to look to costumey. I thought that the film was fun and looked great. Some people seemed to be let down but I enjoyed it. I read a review that said they overdid it with the whole Eat Me, Drink Me thing but I’d always loved that part in the original so I dug it. The 3D was okay but probably unneeded.

Underland Collage

That night I had tickets to see Druid featuring the Three Irish Tenors at the State Theater. I had assumed it would be like the last time I saw it performed a few years ago. However instead of being a sedate classic show featuring 3 Serious Guys some of the members had left & more were added turning it into a Psuedo Boy Band. It was a very different show. They were a little cocky and the choreography was a little stiff but it was still a good time. Last time it was a more low key vibe and after the show I talked to all 3 guys and they volunteered to sign my playbill. This time they announced that they would be signing for people who bought their cd. I didn’t see myself listening to that very often so I just went up to the lead singer and told him that I had enjoyed the show both times I’d seen it.

Ireland Collage


Then on Saturday I went to a Chinese restaurant with my mother and brother. We had been trying to go for a month but all of those snowstorms kept happening and my brother lives right outside of town on a dangerous road. They had a nice selection of tasty sushi that day.

Chinese Collage

P.S. This post is also tagged and categorized under Radical Self Love because it takes RSL and well balls to go do things completely alone when you have to. Yeah, I’ve been doing that for years but it’s still a little awkward.

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Madly in Love with Me Necklace Giveaway

Posted by missemmamm on February 13, 2010

Photo by Larissa Meeks

Today is Madly in Love with ME/Self Love Day. I read about this on gala darling’s Carousel. I’m still figuring out how to love instead of hate myself. I’ve decided to write five 5 things I’m happy having accomplished each day in my Radical Self Love Bible. If I can’t think of enough things then it will spur me on to doing good things (even little things) for myself.

Now for the fun. How would you like to win a ME Heart Token Necklace courtesy of Christine Arylo?

To do so, download the free ME-Love kit here. You must download this kit to take and share your self-love dare or vow in order to be a part of the giveaway contest. Then leave a comment on this blog telling either:  The self-love dare you took and why? or The self-love vow you took and why? Info on those two questions can be found in the ME-Love Kit. I will randomly choose the winner on February 24, 2010.

You can receive an extra entry by tweeting the following on twitter Check out @missemmamm’s Madly in Love with Me Heart Necklace Giveaway on her blog at http://bit.ly/daxNQK Leave your twitter username in your comment so I know that you receive an extra entry.

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Radical Self Love

Posted by missemmamm on February 11, 2010








You can view the slideshow here


One of my favorite bloggers gala darling has declared February Radical Self Love month. I was a bit down the other day and decided to read many of the Radical Self posts that gala had linked to and noticed that sometimes people posted photos that made them happy. So I thought “what types of photos would make me happy?” and did a Google image search for puppies. It might sound silly. You might think, what’s the big deal? I love dogs but I don’t normally seek them out (aside from playing with my own dog) because of my past. I wanted to be a vet tech but that didn’t work out and I’ve been very bummed about it. A friend recently suggested to me that maybe I could become a groomer instead. Maybe I’ll look into that later on but the point is that I’m trying to not put myself down for my shortcomings. I also made the above Seth Rogen collage last because making collages is a fun hobby I enjoy that that I always end up putting off. I would also like to get back into doing yoga regularly.

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